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Camp Kooncha

Out of Sariska



Have you ever - never - dreamt of having your own safari camp out in the great wilderness; away from it all; far, far from the madding crowd? And what better time than this - week after wretched week, month after monotonous month, imprisoned in a concrete jungle? It’s time to get out! To retreat to the healing embrace of Mother Earth. Open spaces! Fresh air! Clear skies! 


We are delighted to offer you the rare opportunity to plan and pitch your own safari camp in the most magnificent of settings; a re-wilded private estate in a happy valley, nestled between rolling wooded hills in a particularly beautiful part of Rajasthan, famous for the Sariska National Tiger Park. 


Simple pleasures! A brisk country walk at first light, the sun warming your cheeks; returning to a hearty breakfast; jungle drives in an open jeep; animal-spotting; bird-watching; reading outdoors in the afternoon; rowing yourself; sun-downers with the setting sun; sizzling BBQs by the camp-fire; star-gazing; night-capping; a warm, snug bed... Glorious days and nights under canvas! What more can a man or a woman or a child really want? Nothing - that is the stark and true lesson of these times...

Packing For Your Camp Kooncha 

Caps & Hats (Helmets if Riding) 

Sun Glasses & Sun Screen 

Warm Clothes: Oct & Mar. Very Warm Clothes: Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb

Electric Blankets (Heaters & Hot Water Bottles provided) 

Favourite Warm Bedding (Razais & Blankets provided) 

Water Bottles

Hip Flasks 

Walking Shoes (Boots if Riding) 



Binoculars (Telescope provided) 


Books & Magazines 

Specific Medicines (First Aid Kits provided) 

Please Do Not Pack! Lap-Tops & I-Pads/ Video & Indoor Games 

October to April Season

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First things first...tailor make your camp experience! 

Then start planning... Immediate Family? Joint Family? Family & Friends? Only Friends? From a minimum of 2 Tents Camp Kooncha can be expanded to a maximum of 10 Tents. In any arrangement you please... In the fine tradition of the Royal Shikar (Hunting) Camps of Jodhpur, the tents are fully furnished in classic Indian Safari Chic and hand-crafted down to the minutest detail. With round-the-clock electricity and running hot & cold water, comfort is unparalleled in mobile safari camps. 

Each Tent has an open Verandah; a Sleeper with twin beds & a dresser ; and an attached Bath with toilet, sink and shower - running, steaming hot water. 

Pitch the Dining and Lounge Bar Tents exactly where you like... A shady grove here or an open spot by the camp-fire... You are the master of all you survey! 



Jungle Drive

Camp Kooncha lies within 30 Minutes of the famous National Park’s gates. The forests, lakes, valleys and green hills of Sariska - over 800 Sq Km of dry deciduous forest and grassland - are breathtaking and once, not too long ago, made up the Royal Hunting Preserve of the fabled Maharajas of Alwar. 

Bhangarh (Bhootgarh)

A 40 Minute drive away from Camp Kooncha, the 16th Century township of Bhangarh is “Officially Haunted” and can only be visited “after sun-rise and before sun-set” by Government Law. The abandoned fortress, temples, havelis, shops and streets are in near-perfect condition and the mystery of the charming little town’s desertion lives on...

Picnic & Boating

Only 20 Minutes away from Camp Kooncha, Mangalsar Dam is an idyllic spot for a picnic luncheon. Picture perfect Rajasthan. Shed some flab and build up appetite with some healthy rowing on the lovely and calm waters.

Sundowners at Rajgarh Fort

Still the private property of the Maharaja of Alwar, Rajgarh is one of the great castles of Rajasthan. 40 Minutes away from Camp Kooncha, it’s towering ramparts, now at peace, offer breath-taking views and sensational sunsets... 

Chand Baori Abhaneri

One of the deepest, largest, oldest and most spectacular Stepwells in the country, the Chand Baori of Abhaneri within an hour of Camp Kooncha, goes back to the 8th Century AD, and is one of the great sights of Rajasthan. ​


Head into the surrounding Aravali Hills, for a hike with an in house specialist, exploring the flora and fauna of the area.

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